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Church Groups Bring Sparkle Back to Parks

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The Hillsdale Environmental Commission would like to give a great thanks to some very special people today that took the time out to help our community of Hillsdale.

Families from the Pascack Bible Church spent the morning cleaning up and spreading woodchips throughout the paths and trails at Beechwood park as well as the playground area. It looks amazing and tremendous effort by them. Please take some time to visit our trails right here in Hillsdale and see the great job that was done today by this group

We also want to thank the Hillsdale United Methodist Church Youth group for their efforts in cleaning up and taking on an ongoing project at the Hillsdale cemetery. The cemetery has seen many years of neglect and the group has plans to bring beauty back into the property with new gardens and features.

Thank you to both organizations and we look forward to your continued support and efforts in making Hillsdale a beautiful community.





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