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Your opinion matters – Bergen County Parks

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OverPeck County Park

If you believe in keeping our Bergen County parks among the best in the state; in preserving and protecting the natural areas they contain now and in the future, we urge you to participate in the Rutgers study for the Bergen County Parks Master Plan.

OUR county parks are important to wildlife. Birds like the Bald Eagle, Osprey and Peregrine Falcon have made a comeback due in part to the protection of our park system.

OUR county parks are also important to our quality of life here in Bergen County. They are a place to enjoy nature, an area for public recreation and education, a place to provide communal spirit as well as a way to ensure open space.

Should the parks be less commercialized? More accessible? Have better amenities and improved public facilities and recreation? Please CLICK HERE FOR THE QUICK SURVEY.  It is both anonymous and quick!


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