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Styrofoam trays eliminated in Hillsdale schools


For some time we have known that Styrofoam is an unnecessary, unsustainable material that is bad for the environment.  It is toxic and difficult to recycle, most often ending up in garbage or in the air we breathe or in our precious waterways.

Styrofoam food trays had been used for some time in the Hillsdale School system. It seemed odd to be teaching our children about the environment and what we can do to save the planet, yet serve them cafeteria meals on Styrofoam trays.

Thanks to the efforts of parents, PTA’s and FFA’s at our schools, our Superintendent Mr. Lombardy, and the Hillsdale Board of Education, the schools have switched to paper trays this year and have eliminated the Styrofoam trays in the cafeterias!

According to Mr. Lombardy, “This has a very minimal effect on our budget, yet lets our student body see a consistent message when it comes to the environment. It was just the right thing to do on so many levels.”

A lesson and a win for all!


3 thoughts on “Styrofoam trays eliminated in Hillsdale schools

  1. Thank you Bob Cinek and Hillsdale parents for your advocacy and efforts!

  2. Thank you Bob Cinek and Hillsdale parents for your environmental advocacy

  3. Congrats!
    That‘s wonderful.

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