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A Very Different Earth Day – 2020

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For those of us old enough, it is hard to believe that it has been 50 years since peace activist John McConnell from California first suggested a day to honor our earth and Senator Gaylord Nelson from Wisconsin proposed a national day of environmental education  – Earth Day – to be held on April 22nd.

Whether born from Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring in 1962, or the 1969 Santa Barbara Oil spill or combination of those and other environmental activisms of the 1960’s, Earth Day has served to remind us all how precious our little planet is. The fight to save it is as urgent as ever. Despite myriad successes there are times it feels like we take two steps forward and one (or more) steps back.

This year the 50th Earth Day will also be different for obvious reasons.  But don’t let social distancing stop you from celebrating, sharing and doing your part!

  • Find a digital event at : https://www.earthday.org/earth-day-2020/#map
  • Plant native flowers or a veggie garden; call Marsala Hardware or Bergen County Garden Center in Hillsdale for seeds and supplies
  • Read up on composting and start a compost bin
  • Build a water garden
  • Cut back on plastics
  • Search online for a native tree that is a perfect fit for your backyard and call a local contractor for ordering and installation

Celebrate Earth Day but remember our everyday actions are the true measure of our commitment. Let us know how you spent your Earth Day 2020.



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