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Plastic Free July

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The concept of a Plastic Free July started in Australia almost 10 years ago. The idea is very simple… get people to pledge to spend just one month trying to rid the world of plastics. Once you try and see how good you feel and the good you are doing, you will never go back!

Check out their website, plasticfreejuly.org, for many ideas and where you can start reducing plastic waste at home, school, the office and more. Or you can try starting by eliminating what is considered to be the big four in your own life: plastic shopping/grocery bags, plastic straws, plastic water bottles and ‘disposable’ coffee cups.

  • Plastic bags – aside from grocery shopping where you should be using a reusable bag (and saving a few cents at some stores), did you ever go into a store, buy one small item and have the clerk start to put that small item into a plastic bag? Just say ‘No bag, thank you! Save the earth!’
  • Plastic straws – state before your order that you do not need a straw and have your own reusable straw with you. Suggest to the store that they only give straws on request. There are many such straws available and some are even collapsible so they can with you at all times! Kick the Plastic Straw Habit
  • Plastic water bottle – stainless steel, glass, aluminum reusable bottles can all replace those single use water bottles. Who likes the taste of plastic in their water anyway?
  • ‘Disposable’ coffee cups – It used to be easier to have the stores refill your mug before the days of Covid-19, but remember that even those paper cups (forget about Styrofoam) are not recyclable because of their plastic lining. Brew and bring your own in a reusable mug or maybe take a break from the caffeine and drink some lemon water from your reusable water bottle instead!

Think of it as a fun (yet educating) project for the family this summer. Think of it as just doing the right thing for the planet.

For mote information and to take the challenge, see the plasticfreejuly.org website : Take the Challenge


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