Hillsdale Environmental Commission

Natural Resource and Preservation Hillsdale, NJ

Alerts & News

This page contains news and alerts specifically designed for Hillsdale, Bergen County and New Jersey residents.

9/15/2018 Hillsdale Festival 12pm-5pm at Beechwood Park.Hillsdale_Festival

4/28/2018 Bi-State Environmental Cleanup. Help in the 6th annual Hillsdale Environmental Cleanup. 9am at Veteran’s Memorial Park for check in and supplies.

4/29/2017 Bi-State Environmental Cleanup. Help in the 5th annual Hillsdale Environmental Cleanup. See: Cleanup Flyer

2/2017 Deer 101 for Residents. There are some choices to help keep deer out of your property. Some are more effective than others. See: Deer 101

1/2017 The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has issued a quarantine on the movement of firewood. See: Emerald Ash Borer

12/2016 NJ water infrastructure is crumbling beneath us and huge improvements are needed within the next 2 decades. See more: NorthJersey.com

10/2016 NJ drought conditions worsen and now effects 12 counties. Water conservation becomes a must for everyone. See: Drought.

6/2016 The Emerald Ash Borer is a non-native insect species that threatens and destroys ash trees. It has been in New Jersey since 2014 and was found in Hillsdale in 2015. Once infected, ash trees have an estimated life of 4 years or less. 99% of infected trees will die. Adults emerge from ‘D’ shaped holes in late spring. See: Emerald Ash Borer