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Beechwood Cleanup

The Pascack Bible Church cleaned up and refreshed the hiking trails around Beechwood Park on June 9th and the trails have never looked better!

Thank you to all the hard working volunteers who gave their time and energy to keep one of our parks in prime shape for the upcoming summer season. We are so lucky to have such an extraordinary group of people with such energy and dedication.

We would like to take this opportunity thank them all for donating their time and energy to make our park cleaner and more attractive for everyone!

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Tree Saplings – free!

Trees are an indispensable part of our environment! Replace lost or damaged trees from winter storms or simply add more trees to your property.

Through the NJ Tree Recovery Program, free saplings will be given away at the following locations on Friday 4/20 from 10am until 4:00 pm

Ann Blanche Smith School – Hillsdale Ave, front entrance

Meadowbrook School – Piermont Ave, front entrance

George White School – Magnolia Ave, basketball court

St. Johns’s Academy – Hillsdale Ave, front entrance


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Environmental Cleanup 4/28/18 9am-11am

Join the Hillsdale EC, Hillsdale Scout Troops and numerous other organizations and towns in the Hackensack River Watershed as we clean our communities and waterways.

Check in anytime from 9:00-11:00 on Saturday April 28th, 2018.

Please register (especially groups) with name and approximate number of participants by email to hec@hillsdalenj.org. Pizza lunch thank you provided at noon for volunteers (please bring your own reusable water bottle). High school participants receive community service hours.

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Storm Recovery for Trees

In the aftermath of a storm, we must first take care of tree damage that poses a risk to lives and properties.  When the dust settles we must then deal with less severe tree damage caused by these increasingly violent and frequent storms. The Arbor Day Foundation has shared the following information regarding post storm recovery for our trees. Please be sure to visit their page on STORM RECOVERY FOR TREES.

For more information, contact:
Danny Cohn, 402-473-9563dcohn@arborday.org

Arbor Day Foundation Offers Post-Storm Tree Recovery Resources to Homeowners in Wake of Disaster

Lincoln, Neb. (03/12/2018)In the wake of a storm, the first priority is to protect life, safety and property. But once the emergency response has ended, addressing damage to neighborhood trees becomes central to long-term recovery.

The Arbor Day Foundation offers resources on how to properly assess damage to trees and provide needed care through a comprehensive Storm Recovery Kit. The kit contains both written materials and videos, and broadcast-quality DVDs are available upon request.

The Foundation’s materials address the dual priorities of both responding to present disasters and becoming better prepared for future storms. Key tips include:

  • Don’t panic. If a tree is not an immediate hazard, it is usually okay to wait a few weeks or months before making your final decision.
  • Seek professionals. To find an arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture, visit treesaregood.org/findtreeservices/FindTreeCareService.aspx.
  • Watch out for scam artists. After a storm, it is common for people claiming to be tree specialists to show up offering their services.
  • Follow best practices. If you decide to care for a damaged tree yourself, be sure to follow proper safety precautions and best practices.
  • Prepare trees for future storms. With proper care, severe damage to trees and property can be prevented.

“Trees are assets to a community when properly planted and maintained,” said Dan Lambe, president, Arbor Day Foundation. “They help to improve the visual appeal of a neighborhood or shopping district, increase property values by up to 18%, reduce home cooling costs, remove air pollutants, and provide wildlife habitat, among many other benefits.”

The Foundation suggests hiring professionals to evaluate tree damage but be cautious of people knocking on doors offering to remove or repair your trees. Most of these door-to-door workers lack the proper training and expertise.

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NJ to create more EV charging stations

Using a $10 million grant from the federal government, NJ will begin installing more charging stations for electric vehicles and marine vessels. Let us know… would you like to see charging stations here in Hillsdale?

Federal Grant to Go to EV Charging Stations, Reducing Diesel Emissions

Nearly $10 million will be used to deploy electric-vehicle charging stations at workplaces, trimming emissions from refrigerated trucks

The state is using part of a $9.5 million federal grant to accelerate the installation of electric-vehicle charging stations at workplaces across New Jersey.

The U.S. Department of Transportation funding also is expected to provide money to reduce diesel emissions from refrigerated trucks unloading and loading shipments, as well as emissions from passenger ferries.  See more at NJSPOTLIGHT.com

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Another Asian insect, more dangerous than the Emerald Ash Borer

The Emerald Ash Borer is a pest that threatens to destroy all Ash trees in its path if left unchecked. While the debate still rages on how to handle that pest, using pesticides that may hasten bee colony collapse versus importing predatory wasps, a new more lethal insect may be on the doorstep of New Jersey. The spotted lanterfly has no known enemies, even birds do not like to eat them. But unlike the EAB, which only has an appetite for ash trees, the lanternfly enjoys pine trees, stone fruit trees (peach, plum, etc), and grape vines among the 70 species of trees it can destroy as it feeds and reproduces.

Right now, it has only been spotted in Pennsylvania. But it is nearing the New Jersey border.

See Tree-Destroying Bug article from North Jersey News, written by Scott Fallon for more information.

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Beechwood Clean up

Beechwood Park, Hillsdale (June 3, 2017)

Thanks to the hard work of volunteers from the Pascack Bible Church and donations from Kuiken Brothers, Beechwood Park in Hillsdale has a bright refreshed look and is ready for summer! Hillsdale residents can now enjoy hiking on the freshly cleared, mulched trails and then relax for a quiet lunch using the rebuilt picnic tables as a result of a clean up done on June 3rd.

The event, sponsored by the Hillsdale Environmental Commission, is becoming a tradition. Frank Pizzella, Hillsdale Councilman and Environmental Commission Liaison, was quick to point out that this is what makes Hillsdale unique.

“It is wonderful to see the community pull together for a project like this. It is a beautiful day with special people making our community a better place. Couldn’t be nicer!”

The volunteers from Pascack Bible Church included over 50 adult and youth congregation members, some of whom also helped with planning and preparing food for the event.

Donations of the lumber used for repairs came from the efforts of Jeff Henig at Kuiken Brothers.



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Bergen County Parks Master Plan – follow up meetings scheduled in May.

The second series of Community Meetings to be held May 9-11 will allow all interest Bergen County residents to discuss conceptual ideas for the parks using what was learned from previous public sessions & more than 2100 survey responses!

This is your opportunity to voice any ideas, concerns and desires for the future of County parks.

Information Flyer

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Arbor Day in Hillsdale

The Hillsdale Council, Hillsdale DPW and SiteOne Landscape Supply teamed together to replace the Centennial Tree that was lost last year from Dutch Elm disease. A new elm was planted in a different area of Veterans Park, located in the town center, during a week of Arbor Day plantings around the town.

The Hillsdale Council and Hillsdale Environmental Commission also arranged for the planting of four trees for Arbor Day celebrations at Hillsdale schools. All trees were graciously donated by SiteOne Landscape Supply of Mahwah,NJ.

Meadowbrook School received a Red Oak, George White a Pink Dogwood and St. John’s Academy planted a Purple Plum.

Pictured below is the Eastern White Pine planted at Ann Blanche Smith School where Councilman Frank Pizzella helped officiate the dedication with an inspiring speech.

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Rain Lessens Drought Conditions

But wise water use is always encouraged

TRENTON – Following months of sufficient precipitation, Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Bob Martin today lifted a drought warning for 12 of 14 counties in the northern, central and northern coastal regions of New Jersey and removed a drought watch for four counties in the southwestern part of the state.

Commissioner Martin signed an Administrative Order removing, Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Mercer, Middlesex, Monmouth, Morris, Ocean, Passaic, Sussex, Union and Warren counties from drought warning status and removing Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and Salem counties from drought watch. These advisories had been in place since October.

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