Hillsdale Environmental Commission

Natural Resource and Preservation Hillsdale, NJ


Meeting Schedule

We meet the 3rd Monday of every month at 7:00 pm at the Borough Hall. Meetings are held in the courtroom or the back conference room depending on room availability.

Meetings are currently being held by conference call due to Covid-19

The public is welcome to attend our meeting, and minutes are posted on this website. We can also be contacted via email at hec@hillsdalenj.org

Citizens, scout groups, and local businesses are welcome to partner in our efforts, such as on our yearly clean-ups, Earth Fair, and other community improvement projects and events.


Minutes March 21st, 2022

Minutes February 21st, 2022

Minutes January 17th, 2022

Minutes July 20th, 2020

Minutes February 17th, 2020

Minutes January 20th, 2020

Minutes December 16th, 2019

Minutes October 21st, 2019

Minutes September 16th, 2019

Minutes August 19th, 2019

Minutes June 17th, 2019

Minutes May 20th, 2019

Minutes March 18th, 2019

Minutes February 18th, 2019

Minutes January 24th, 2019

Minutes December 17th, 2018

Minutes November 19th, 2018

Minutes October 15th, 2018

Minutes September 17th, 2018

Minutes August 19th, 2018

Minutes July 16th, 2018

Minutes June 18th, 2018

Minutes May 21st, 2018

Minutes April 16th, 2018

Minutes March 19th, 2018

Minutes February 19th, 2018

Minutes January 15th, 2018

Minutes December 18th, 2017

Minutes November 20th, 2017

Minutes October 16th 2017

Minutes September 18, 2017

Minutes August 21, 2017

Minutes July 17, 2017

Minutes June 19, 2017

Minutes May 15, 2017

Minutes April 17, 2017

Minutes March 21, 2017

Minutes February 21, 2017

Minutes January 16, 2017

Minutes December 19, 2016

Minutes November 21, 2016

Minutes October 17, 2016

Minutes September 19, 2016

Minutes August 15, 2016

Minutes July 25, 2016

Minutes June 20, 2016

Minutes May 16, 2016

Minutes April 18, 2016

















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