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Firewood Quarantine from NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has issued a quarantine for residents of New Jersey advising them against the transportation of wood or ash trees outside of the area of origination.

This is due to the increasing threat of the emerald ash borer and the spreading of the EAB by movement of wood while the beetle is in its pre-pupae stage.  When warm weather arrives in spring, the beetle emerges, leaving behind its trademark ‘D’ shaped hole. Most of the damage done by the EAB is done in the larva stage as they feed on the tree creating winding ‘S’ shape patterns, known as galleries, under the bark.

The Emerald Ash Borer, non-native pest, is known to stay within one mile of its host tree and can survive winter temperatures down to -22 F.

Hillsdale is one of the towns in Bergen County that has confirmed EAB presence.

See our Emerald Ash Borer page for information on the quarantine as well as links to more information about the EAB.