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Ample Harvest – Green Team Hillsdale collects donated produce

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Photos: Susan Thielemann

For the fourth consecutive year, Green Team Hillsdale is collecting locally grown produce from home gardens and local farms to donate to the

Hillsdale Helping Hand Food Pantry,
349 Hillsdale Ave.

A Green Team member will be at the pantry
every Sunday at 11:45 a.m. through October
to sort and organize fresh vegetables donated by Stokes Farm in Old Tappan.

Helping Hand Food Pantry has been a registered food pantry with the non-profit organization AmpleHarvest.org for four years.

Most notably, since the implementation of this campaign to Hillsdale, Stokes Farm of Old Tappan brings the Helping Hand Food Pantry fresh fruits and vegetables every Sunday from July to October, in an effort to provide those in need with fresh produce. Green Team members are there to accept this delivery on Sundays as well as to help in the distribution to clients of the pantry.

Green Team Hillsdale is looking for volunteers to donate time to this effort as well as other sustainable projects in Hillsdale. For further information on how to help, contact Grace Biener at gracelbiener@yahoo.com or call at 551-486-4191.


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