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Recycle the Tree!

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xmas-tree For those who may have a cut tree for the holidays, consider this method of disposal:

After clearing tree of all decorations, place tree in a corner of your yard. There are all sorts of birds that do not migrate during the cold winter months. Cardinals, bluejays, sparrows and goldfinches (the Eastern Goldfinch is our state bird!) are just some of New Jersey’s year-round birds that need food, water and shelter in the winter. They will love having a little extra place to hang out during the cold winter months.

Next spring, needles can be composted. Despite myths, they will not acidify the soil so there is no need to worry about where you will put the resulting compost.  Small branches can be mulched, chipped or used as kindling for outdoor fire pits. The larger branches and trunk can be cut and used as garden edging or in outdoor fire pits next fall. Do not use the soft wood of pine trees with indoor fireplaces since the wood is too soft and burns too quickly for this use. 

It may be a little extra work come spring, but the tree will have served a useful purpose long after the holiday season is gone. Even a dead tree can be a gift that keeps on giving!

If you are still not convinced, Hillsdale will be having its Christmas tree pick up January 6th and 13th. Do NOT place your tree in a bag!



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